Ever feel that pang of envy when someone’s made a really hard fought positive change… and made it stick? Ever wish that you could do it too? I mean, you feel happy for them, glad they’ve got their life in order and all that. But, maybe you kinda just wish you too had what it takes to make a similar change… and make it stick.

That’s natural. Happens to most of us.

Jules and I were discussing this recently. It’s a frequent topic for us – what do those people have that so many others lack? Is it something we can teach/coach? Is it a skill or mindset or something altogether deeper?

Here are some of our thoughts on the qualities that lead to lasting change:

  1. Keep it simple – they don’t overthink it, or bite off too much. They focus on one thing at a time, practicing a small incremental change repeatedly and consistently until it becomes a habit.
  2. Construct a support system – they condition the important people in their lives to respect their decision, understand the why behind it, and honor the time they’re committing to this change. We can’t succeed if our people derail and undermine us.
  3. Strive for progress rather than perfection – the path of progress is a wicked twisted road with lots of wrong turns and no real end. We never really “arrive”. We press on.
  4. Foster a healthy relationship with food – they stop thinking of certain foods as “good” or “bad”, or using language like “I can’t have that”. Instead they think more in terms of “I should eat more of this, and less of that.”
  5. Take daily action – every, damn, day, they eat, move, sleep, and think in ways that lead to optimal health. This is an immersive commitment to something better, a lifelong effort to make better choices that serve us and propel us toward our aspirations rather than impede us and leave us stagnant and mired in an unhappy present.

What are your thoughts? What’s missing from our list?

Let’s be stronger than our excuses and reject those secret feelings of envy. They’re unworthy of us. Every one of us could adopt any and all of these qualities and affect the positive change we hunger for.

Our commitment to our MidStrongers is to only do things for them that lead to optimal fitness and nutrition. I created MidStrong to be a resource to the countless good people who are either enjoying or enduring their midlife decades.

You can do this. Don’t settle. Join us.

Paul Reilly

Paul is the Owner and Founder of MidStrong. He created MidStrong in 2017 to train men and women in midlife who are busy with work and family to build muscle and burn fat so they can look and feel better than they did in their 20’s. MidStrong is making Functional Fitness training safe and fun, and inclusive. He and his wife, Julie also own and operate MidStrong locally, their bricks and mortar business, previously called ACCELERATED Strength & Balance. It is a boutique fitness center specializing in training folks in and around Westborough through the challenges of midlife for more than five years.