MidStrong is a community of people thriving through a commitment to functional fitness, real nutrition, and mutual support.

Our Mission

To inspire and facilitate more love, joy, hope, and purpose in the lives of those we serve.

Functional Fitness + Real Nutrition + Mutual Support =

Core Values

Functional Fitness is the cornerstone of our health and wellbeing.

In life, Balance is critical to our well being and happiness. We seek Balance in all aspects of our lives, the emotional and spiritual, as well as the physical.

Our bodies, minds, and souls require Real Nutrition to live a healthy balanced life.

We base everything we do on rigorous Scientific evidence and research.

We are a Community working together toward the common objective of better quality of life and wellness.

Whom does MidStrong serve?

MidStrong is available to everybody. There are no age ranges or restrictions. It was originally created to work with men and women contending with the challenges of midlife and who desire to make their future decades rich in health, happiness, and hope. But, we’re confident that our workout programming and the amazing support that you’ll receive will StrengthenTransform, and Ignite your functional fitness and literally change your life!

What do we mean by “midlife”? 

That vantage point in life from which we come to understand that the first few chapters of our lives are in the books, but that we are stronger, wiser, and more resilient because of them. Our best years lie ahead!

Our Team

Paul Reilly

Julie Reilly

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