Attention, busy men in your 40's and 50's!

From Drained to Pumped, Flabby to Jacked,
How He Got His Mojo Back...

What You'll Learn On This Page... 

  • We can all build lean muscle and burn off unattractive fat without extreme workouts and radical diets

  • The key is a balance of proven training, consistent habits, realistic nutrition, and genuine support

  • It can be done, and with only a handful of super efficient and effective workouts each week!

  • And we'll guarantee it!

Methodically build lean muscle and burn away unwanted fat in two short months!

If you've struggled to prioritize your fitness, if you've tried a bunch of other programs and diets already, if you've joined several gyms only to waste all that money, if you're embarrassed by the belly fat and man-boobs, and still stuck in the same rut, still feeling like crap, and still looking for something, anything that can help you turn things around, then you're about to discover the realistic solution that you've been searching for.

Why Lean Muscle? 

Well, because it can literally transform your life!

Strong and Lean

Look lean, feel strong, and enjoy genuine self confidence

Abundant Energy

Draw from a deep well of energy and amazing vitality

    Amazing Life

    Start really living! Enjoying a life of adventure and abundance, doing things you've always dreamed of!

    True or False? Lifting weights will make us "muscle-bound" like bodybuilders.

    False! To develop that much muscle mass requires a huge amount of exercise volume, like hours and hours per day, 5-6 days per week. Far more than we will do in this program.

    Meet Your New Coach

    Paul Reilly

    Paul is the Owner and Founder of MidStrong. He has been coaching clients remotely through their innovative MidStrong online platform since 2016.

    An avid athlete all his life, Paul has a passion for coaching strength and fitness. He is fascinated by human movement and performance, the physiology and physics behind it. A natural teacher, Paul loves coaching and working with people to achieve their goals and live their dreams. He earned his Strength Coaching credentials as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

    Professionally, Paul was previously the CEO of ActiveRx Development Company. Prior to that, he spent over 20 years in the medical device industry. He served as an officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers after graduating from West Point, where he pursued his love for exercise science as a part of the Army Strength Team. He resides in Westborough, MA with Julie and their three daughters.

    True or False? Muscle weighs more than fat?

    False! A pound is a pound. 

    So, 1 lb of muscle weighs exactly the same as 1 lb of fat. 

    But... it sure looks better!

    I'm ready! I want to build muscle and burn fat to look and feel like a
    Lean Mean Machine!

    Click the button below now to enroll you'll get instant access to full 60-day program where you'll begin an amazing transformation!

    True or False? If we exercise regularly we can eat whatever we want.

    False! There is a simple truth in fitness... we cannot out-train poor nutrition!

    Why Build Lean Muscle? 

    Your Questions Answered

    What equipment is required? 

    Not much. We'll only need a few dumbbells to get started. You can always add more equipment later. 

    Or doing the workouts at a local gym works too. Most gyms have all the stuff we'd need to complete all the workouts built into the program. 

    Does this involve dieting? 

    It does not. Frankly, we don't believe in "dieting". Instead we will coach you through simple weekly nutritional habits that will accelerate your progress, build momentum, and sustain the positive changes you're making. 

    How many days a week is involved? 

    Each week is designed to concentrate on four key workouts. But, there are two other days that are optional but encouraged. 

    How long does each workout take? 

    Anywhere from 45-60 minutes. The workouts are designed to be super effective and optimally efficient. Once you become more familiarized with the exercises, lingo, and tech, you'll complete each workout more quickly. 

    Is there any Cardio included? 

    Yes, "cardio", or aerobic conditioning is a critical component of Functional Fitness. But, you'll discover that there are lots of ways to develop aerobic conditioning other than long boring periods on the elliptical or treadmill.

    What if I miss a workout? 

    Each week has some buffer built into it so you can push a workout or fit it in later in the week if you have a busy day. The program is progressive and does build upon earlier week's foundation, but missing a workout here or there will not derail your progress. 

    What if I need to travel during the program? 

    No worries! We constructed the entire program to be highly portable. The workouts could easily be done at most hotel gyms or switch to body weight options to accommodate wherever you happen to be. 

    How hard are the workouts? 

    Most participants have found the workouts to be appropriately challenging. They're devised to be adaptable to whatever level of strength, intensity, and volume that you can safely manage. You'll find some workouts harder than others, but on the whole, you get to set a pace and level of effort that you can sustain. 

    Is This Program the Right Fit for You? 

    If you can answer "Yes!" to most of the questions below, then we're very confident that you will thrive in our Lean Mean Machine 60-day Program

    Are you willing to make the time and do the work?

    It's not going to happen by itself. We've got to do the work. To do that, we've got to make the time. 

    Are you somewhat self-motivated? 

    Unlike in-person training, success with this program will require a modicum of self-discipline to do the workouts. 

    Do you have a reasonable idea of what you want to accomplish? And why? 

    Understanding why you want this will be like a compass and rudder to you when you need reminding. 

    Are are willing to invest $500 to feel and look better than you have in decades? 

    A modest investment with a huge payoff!

    Do you have some training and exercise experience? 

    You'll need at least some experience with training and exercise to get the most out of this program.

    Would you benefit from a structured, proven program? 

    We can all use a bit of guidance and support, with the confidence of a proven program behind us. 

    Are you ready to finally prioritize your health, fitness, and strength?

    If not, save your money. 

    Are you tired of dawdling and ready to start now? 

    There is no time like the present. Let's do this!

    True or False? To lose weight we must deprive ourselves and drastically reduce calories.

    False! We can continue to enjoy plenty of the delicious real foods that we love and do not have to deprive ourselves and feel starved all the time.

    True or False? To raise our testosterone we need hormone replacement therapy.

    False! Strength training and better nutrition have been proven to raise testosterone in men!

    Our 100% Ironclad Guarantee!

    Show up. Do the work. Get results. Real Simple!

    At MidStrong, we promise to only do things that lead to optimal fitness and nutrition. Our methods work. Our team rocks. MidStrong blows other gyms and trainers out of the water. All you need to do is show up, do the work, and put our guidance into gear.

    Your hard work will pay off or you’ll get paid back. Period.

    True or False? We need to purchase lots of expensive equipment.

    False! It's amazing how much quality work we can done with just a few dumbbells and our body weight, and keep our workouts fresh and motivating.

    Listen to What Others Are Saying...

    Meet my friend Greg...

    Greg is one our many remote training clients who we train all over the country, even a handful of them overseas. He is a busy executive in the software industry and an accomplished ultra-marathoner. In his early 50's, Greg resides with his family in North Carolina. 

    Dave is busy engineer...

    Dave has been training with MidStrong's Online platform for several months. He tell us... “Probably the biggest thing is I just feel better, feel better about myself, feel healthier, definitely have more energy!” Dave is a partner in a busy Engineering Consulting firm in Orlando. 

    Bob was a D1 college athlete...

    "The Midstrong program with Paul's guidance is exactly what I needed. The results have been terrific. I feel stronger and more fit than I've felt in a long, long time. It's the best way I've found to improve my fitness level while juggling all the other priorities at work and with family. I'm a Midstrong believer!"

    Tony feels "stronger than ever!"

    My friend Tony is a writer, historian, and cartoonist with a busy family. "I feel stronger than ever at age 52. Paul focuses on functional fitness, with the goal being to accomplish easily all of the tasks I need to do throughout my normal life. I recently pulled off 150 push-ups during a workout!" 

    Still not sure? Need some more information? Or maybe, you'd just like to discuss this live with Paul in person?

    We get it. It can be hard finding the right program for you. And no matter what guarantees are offered sometimes it's just better to speak with someone live. 

    No worries, we can do that. Using the button below you can schedule a 1:1 Private Consultation with Coach Paul himself. 

    There is a nominal fee involved. But, if you decide to move forward and purchase our Lean Mean Machine 60-day program, that fee will be applied to offset your total cost. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to find out if this program is truly a great fit for your needs and objectives. Thanks!

    Get the complete 60-day program now for only $497 - a limited time offer. 

    This special limited-time offer will not last long.  Let's do this! 

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