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Learn these amazingly simple but remarkably effective exercises that you can do anywhere

      • Core strength is the foundation of all strength and fitness!
      • Without a strong and solid core, everything else is built on a weak foundation.
      • We can develop an IRONCLAD Core in as little at 10 min just 3 times each week!
      • But, what do we even mean by "core"???
      • And it must take a lot of time and be really hard, right?
      • Well, actually it's amazingly simple, remarkably effective, and can be done by anyone!
      • Seriously, just about anybody can do this!

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      Why Core Strength?

      • Want to feel stronger, with a more stable foundation?
      • Want more confidence in the strength and stability of your back, with less annoying pain?
      • Want to improve your balance and coordination?
      • Want strong confident posture?
      • Want to hit the golf ball farther? Serve a tennis ball harder?
      • Tired of doing endless crunches and useless sit-ups?
      • Fed up with silly noise about six pack abs?
      • Want to spend your precious time developing some truly usable functional strength?
      Who wouldn’t!
      All those things sound awesome. But what’s the correct approach?
      There's endless nonsense about six pack abs out there. Sure those look great, but those are only for show. They’re not really all that functional.
      If we’re going to spend our valuable time training, let’s use it to develop something truly useful, like real Ironclad Core Strength!
      What if I told you that you’ll never have to do another crunch in your life? And that you could develop an Ironclad Core in just a few minutes a day?
      Download our free Ironclad Core program and get started today!

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      privacy We value greatly your privacy and will never share your info with anyone and will never spam you

      I work out with Paul and I feel stronger than ever at age 52. I have the personal goal of building stamina and I no longer get fatigued, hiking up mountains and climbing over rocks! Paul customizes his workouts to my needs and abilities, not applying workout expectations that are more appropriate for a twenty year-old. That being said, I recently pulled off 150 push-ups during a workout! I can't remember being able to do as many when I was young!

      Tony Tony

      The MidStrong program with Paul's guidance is exactly what I needed. With my business travel and kid's schedules, gym memberships never worked because I couldn't make the time to consistently get there. I had some exercise equipment at home but never felt like the exercises I was doing were actually making a difference in my fitness level. Paul worked with me to identify my goals and customize a workout program that aligned with my schedule and the equipment I had at home. He made adjustments when I was traveling, was responsive to my questions, and held me accountable. The results have been terrific. I feel stronger and more fit than I've felt in a long, long time. It's the best way I've found to improve my fitness level while juggling all the other priorities at work and with family. I'm a Midstrong believer!

      Bob Bob

      I have been training with Paul Reilly at MidStrong for over two years, and I can honestly say that I have never been in better shape. Paul’s precision in training allows me to get maximum benefit in minimal time. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough!

      Martha Martha