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We are proud to be in the local Westborough, MA area working with our clients to achieve their functional fitness and nutrition goals and build their best lives!

What We Do:

Small Group and Individual Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

We coach people to build muscle and burn fat so they can live their best lives.

I created MidStrong to be a resource to the countless folks entering, enjoying, or enduring their midlife decades who want to lose weight, look better, feel younger, and grow stronger.

Too many of us prioritize practically everything over our health and fitness. We work too much, sleep too little, eat poorly, and seldom get enough exercise. Too often our stress levels are redlining and we scuffle through life, week after week, under a burden of oppressive responsibilities and a crushing sense of overwhelm.
Even if we can find the time to exercise, what should we do? Or not do? How much, or how little?
Confusion. Frustration. Stagnation.
That invariably and inevitably leads to mounting health issues which become a slippery slope of one bad thing compounding another.
Pretty soon, our health is shot, our lives are a wreck, and we find ourselves feeling old and decrepit.
It doesn’t have to be like that.
MidStrong is the answer. It’s more than an gym or a workout program, we are redefining how fitness and nutrition is done.
The objective is comprehensive, usable fitness and a level of health that helps you look great and feel better than you did in your 20’s!
Our ultimate goal is to utilize that hard earned fitness to live our best lives possible. To do the things we’ve always dreamed of and to live our lives with passion and intention.
 We’re building a thriving community of people committed to doing just that!
So join us, challenge yourself, and see how MidStrong can help you live your best life.

Paul or Julie will personally reach out within 24 hours

How's It Work?

Functional Fitness Training

Our objective is comprehensive functional fitness that we can use to accomplish everything we need to in our day to day lives and all that we aspire to in our dreams. We want to put our hard earned fitness to good use making use!

Nutrition Coaching

We guide people to make simple, small changes that are sustainable. We know that everyone has different needs and goals, so that no one approach is right for everybody. We advocate for whole foods and balance in our diet.

Accountability & Habits

Knowing what we’re supposed to do and actually doing it are two completely separate needs. We’ve created a culture and framework that adds the critical element of accountability while gently assisting in the formation of healthy habits to sustain the positive change.

Paul or Julie will personally reach out within 24 hours

What We Do

Small Group Personal Training

We train in small group sessions, capped at 8 members, that are fun and high energy, consistently varied, and cover the full spectrum of functional fitness, all in under an hour.

Individual Personal Training

Our Private 1:1 training is completely personalized and intensively focused on your specific needs and goals. We are specialists in dealing with all the challenges that come with midlife such as weight gain, chronic pain, metabolic conditions, weight loss and obesity, functional limitations, injury recovery and prevention.

Nutrition Coaching

Realistic and sustainable. We implicitly understand how difficult it is to eat and live well in midlife, especially given the demands of our modern lifestyle, our busy careers and active families. But it can be done! And it doesn’t take radical diets and uncomfortable deprivation.

Paul or Julie will personally reach out within 24 hours

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Look and Feel Better Than You Did In Your 20’s

Paul or Julie will personally reach out within 24 hours

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