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Discover some of the super frustrating challenges that most people in midlife share when trying to lose weight and keep it off

  • Losing weight in midlife can sure seem impossible!
  • With the frenetic pace of modern life, who has time to workout?
  • We mostly all know what we need to do and eat, but why is it so hard to follow through?
  • Everyone we know is hyper-busy and stressed out!
  • We get it, we deal with all those challenges too...
  • Recognize where you have obstacles impeding your progress.
  • Understand that you're not alone, just about everybody deals with these issues.
  • Learn several immediately applicable action steps that can have a huge impact!
  • Take a huge step forward in taking control of your own weight loss!

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I work out with Paul and I feel stronger than ever at age 52. I have the personal goal of building stamina and I no longer get fatigued, hiking up mountains and climbing over rocks! Paul customizes his workouts to my needs and abilities, not applying workout expectations that are more appropriate for a twenty year-old. That being said, I recently pulled off 150 push-ups during a workout! I can't remember being able to do as many when I was young!

Tony Tony