Online Training


It is more than an online workout program, we are redefining how personal training is done.

It is quite literally… Personal Training On Your Terms!

Expert, experienced, and empathetic fitness and nutrition coaching specifically tailored for busy men and women in midlife.

Individualized workout programming, realistic nutrition coaching, accountability and support, an entire community of people just like you.

Why would I want to work with an online fitness and nutrition coach?
Online coaching is more flexible, more cost-effective, more adaptable, and potentially more effective method to achieve our fitness goals than in-person training.
It is truly personal training on your terms.
We are all hyper busy! Even if you lived in the local area and wanted to train in person with Paul, it would require quite a bit of coordinating calendars to find blocks that are manageable for both of you. And many of his prime training hours are already spoken for with longtime in-person clients.
You can complete your workouts anywhere or anytime that’s convenient for you, at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to train with us in person.
Training with MidStrong Online, gives you all the benefits of in-person training, but at whatever time and whatever location works best for you. You can train at home with a minimum amount of equipment or you could continue to use a local gym.
You sacrifice absolutely nothing by following Paul’s MidStrong training online. He can still coach you remotely on proper form and technique. You will still have access to him through live video communications, email, or a private social media channel that he monitors daily. And we have created an extensive and growing library of instructional exercise videos that you can refer to in order to learn and practice correct form.
If you want to work out where and when it’s convenient for you and at the fraction of the cost of in-person fitness training, online coaching is for you!

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Is Online Training Right For You?

Scheduling is never an issue. You’re not stuck working around someone else’s overbooked calendar or someone else’s idea of what a training session should look like. We do what works best for you.
We can be much more flexible with your workout programs than a typical 60-minute in person session. We have clients who travel all over the world and do their workouts in the middle of the night. Others split their workouts up into smaller multiple segments each day rather than do the typical 60 minute in person session. Some train in home gyms, some on the road, and still others are members at their local gyms.
You get access to all that MidStrong has to offer through a user friendly mobile app and other technologies that keep you in touch with one of the most experienced and expert midlife fitness coaches anywhere.
Your safety and outcomes are our first priorities. Most people in midlife come to us with a list of ailments and injuries. We must first do no harm. After we have built a strong foundation of form and fitness we can methodically ramp up your training to optimize your results. With online training, I can accommodate your specific needs, capabilities, and more. I can also incorporate more of my support outside of the workouts than in a typical in person setting.
You don’t need to go to a gym, if you don’t want to! Some gyms are not very welcoming or accommodating to people in midlife. They can be intimidating places. Many of our clients train in their own homes, with very little equipment needed.
And, if you want to use more equipment you can purchase the exact stuff we use at amazing prices through our Amazon affiliate program.
Or, if you’re experienced and comfortable with your present gym, you can continue to workout there using our easily accessible mobile platform. Whatever works best for you!
You get outstanding accountability and support. Perhaps the “secret sauce” of the MidStrong program is the structured accountability framework that is included. We’ll help you make time in your schedule, prioritize your training, and stick with it, even on those inevitable days when you’re going to want to do anything but workout.
It’s very affordable. Paul’s in person clients pay him as much as $1500 per month. MidStrong online is only a fraction of that cost.
Location is not a factor. You will train with one of the most expert and experienced coaches  from anywhere in the world! We literally have clients all over the globe.

MidStrong App Features:

Custom fitness targets

We add notes and instructions to exercises that you can view and track when checking in to workouts.

Exercise video library

Explore all of the professional instructional exercise videos included in the MidStrong exercise library

In-app messaging

Send one-on-one messages to your MidStrong trainer about workouts, nutrition, and how you’re progressing.

Track everything

You can can track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets, progress photos, and more within the app to stay motivated.


$399 one time charge, or 3 monthly payments of $149 (+$49 one-time initial set-up charge, 3-month minimum contract)
  • Weekly workout programming
  • Monthly Office Hours Support
  • Custom MidStrong Mobile app
  • Private online support community
  • Extensive instructional video library
  • Workout log and progress tracking via mobile app
  • This is a great package if you are experienced with exercise and strength training and don’t feel that you need much support with accountability or nutrition.


$2199 one time charge or 3 monthly payments of $749 (+$49 one-time initial set-up charge, 3-month minimum contract)
  • Fully tailored training programs to suit your individual fitness level and training goals
  • Monthly Office Hours Support
  • Custom MidStrong M\mobile app
  • Private online support community
  • Extensive instructional video library
  • Workout log and progress tracking via mobile app
  • Habit based individualized nutrition support and coaching
  • Nutrition and training monitoring
  • Weekly email check-in
  • Weekly video phone check-in for first month, twice monthly thereafter
  • Initial and ongoing assessments
  • Comprehensive accountability framework – facilitates consistent progress
  • The Ignite package involves the most comprehensive and individualized level of coaching support. It includes extensive access to Paul’s guidance and expertise. It’s a logical choice for people who are new to training and who would benefit from his observation and direction. It is also the best choice for athletes who want to take their performance to the next level or who have a specific objective in mind.
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