Meet my good friend Teddy

I was recently chatting with one of our online members who was discouraged that he hadn’t lost much weight. He’s been training with us through our online platform for about six months, but his efforts hadn’t done much to move the needle on his bathroom scale.


He’s a good sport and agreed to allow me to use his story to illustrate some of the complexities, as well as the simplicities of losing weight. For privacy sake let’s call this gentleman, Teddy.


“Sure,” Teddy reported, “I feel much stronger and much more physically capable. But, I’m stuck at 215 lbs. It’s kinda frustrating. It just doesn’t seem to budge even though I’m working out 2-3 times per week, consistently. What do you think, Paul? What should I do?”


Teddy’s dilemma is a common one and I’ve had this conversation with no fewer than 253,461 people over the past five years. Obviously, I’m exaggerating, but seriously, Jules and I have discussions like this at least once a day with somebody.


About 90% of world either wants to or needs to lose weight. That quest fuels billions of dollars every year in books and magazines, diets and supplements, gym memberships and personal training, you name it. Seems like a never-ending search for some method that might finally make us successful shedding unwanted bodyweight.


Simple but complex


As with most things, the only truly proven method is both blindingly simple and maddeningly complex.


I’m going to shed some light on the matter with a series of posts over the next few weeks using my friend Teddy’s story to illustrate our points.


Here’s a little more about him…


He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and family. He’s 48 years old and stands at 5’10”. An avid golfer, he was a former multi-sport athlete in high school and still considers himself “athletic”. He plays golf 1-2 times a week but doesn’t walk the course anymore due to sore knees and some back pain. He works as a VP in an insurance firm and puts in long hours, most days 10+ hours. He’s got two teenagers at home who are active in school and sports.


Like everybody I know, Teddy is busy. His primary stated fitness objective is to feel stronger, less stressed, and “maybe lose a little weight.” He’d also like to get back to feeling capable of walking 18 holes carrying his golf bag. He feels like he’s about 20 lbs overweight and would love to get back to his “playing weight” of 195 lbs.


Sound like anybody you know? Yeah, a very familiar story, I’d say I personally know about 150 guys like Ted.


We developed a plan for Teddy to train three times per week for an hour each training session. When he was getting started we spoke about nutrition coaching, but he commented that he “already knows what he’s supposed to eat and not eat.” So, he opted out.


He’s been reasonably adherent to the plan. So, why stagnation with his weight loss?


What’s next?


Well, over a series of posts, we’ll dig deeper into Teddy’s situation and unpack all the factors influencing why he feels stalled out.


We will:

  • Dive into the inescapable arithmetic of fat loss
  • Examine how often Teddy is actually training and how we sometimes deceive ourselves about our true level of output and effort
  • Introduce two influential hormones that work to govern our appetite and satiety, and the effects of exercise on our hormones
  • Explore the challenges we experience with weight loss when we’re sleep deprived
  • Poke fun at some of the persistent and closely cherished myths surrounding weight loss
  • Take a look at what sustainable weight loss actually looks like
  • Propose a very simple of amazingly effective approach that can accelerate weight loss by just doing a little bit more every day

Look for my next post, The Inescapable Arithmetic of Losing Weight – There’s No Way Around It.


Until then, I wanted to let you know that Julie is leveraging her certification as a Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition by putting together new small-group nutrition coaching programs that we plan to launch later this spring. These will perfectly augment our small group and private personal training programs. More to come…


Meanwhile, if Teddy’s story is familiar to you or someone you know, we’re here to help. I’ve attached a link below with our MidStrong Training Application. Feel free to share it, thanks!


Be strong and have fun,

Paul Reilly

Paul is the Owner and Founder of MidStrong. He created MidStrong in 2017 to train men and women in midlife who are busy with work and family to build muscle and burn fat so they can look and feel better than they did in their 20’s. MidStrong is making Functional Fitness training safe and fun, and inclusive. He and his wife, Julie also own and operate MidStrong locally, their bricks and mortar business, previously called ACCELERATED Strength & Balance. It is a boutique fitness center specializing in training folks in and around Westborough through the challenges of midlife for more than five years.